HLK for Windows server 2022 issues

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Hi All

We are runnig HLK certification for windows server 2022 with our storage array, all the cases passed except two:

DF - Sleep and PNP(disable and enable)with IO Before and After with Driver Verifier Isolation rules enabled(Reliability)
DF - Sleep and PNP(disable and enable)with IO Before and After with Driver Verifier Isolation rules enabled(Development and Integration)


We notice they‘re new cases in HLK 2022, when execute this 2 cases, the test client will goto bule screen and the Stop code is: DRIVER VERIFIER DETECTED VIOLATION , therefore the case will failed.


Does anyone meet this problem too and have some ideas on how to solve this?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.



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@danzhao Sorry to hear you are having trouble.  The Driver Isolation checks are indeed new for Server 2022.  They are documented here:
Validating Universal Windows drivers - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs


(Scroll to: "Driver Verifier Driver Isolation Checks")


If you continue to have trouble, please submit the issue to use through MS Collaborate (under your company's account) so that we can continue this discussion with you there.


Michael Bernstein

I have the same issue and the document can't help.
I used VM as the test system, and I found that partmgr.sys let the verifier failed.
1. I changed to physical machine to test and got the same error.
2. I had applied HLK filters, but these tests still fail.

I think maybe the driver 'partmgr.sys' which provided by Windows violates the so-called 'isolation rules', but we can do nothing on it.
Is there anyone can help with this? I'll be very appreciated.
Hi Michael Bernstein, could you please tell me, what are the configurations need for windows server 2022 as client.

@VishwasAT Please expand on your question - what are you trying to use Windows Server 2022 as a client for?  

Thanks for the quick response@MSBernstein 


I have executed all the test cases through HLK software for below setup,

1) Windows 10_x64 as client and Windows 2016 server as server machine

2) Windows 8_x64 as client and Windows 2012 server as server machine.


But now I don't,

1) How install HLK Client in Windows server 2022?

2) What is the server machine?, when Windows server 2022 machine as client

There’s a VHLK that you can download from https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/test/hlk/ to use as your HLK controller. There's a row in the table for testing Windows Server 2022 as your HLK client.