fresh windows server install help

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I am new at servers and the install process as this is my first physical server. I need help on where to start as far as the reboot up process and where to start on the set up. any information or direction or website or what ever you can point me for information will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @russglide440,


You'll find all the official Microsoft documentations for Windows Server over here:


Windows Server documentation


As for installing Windows Server, there are countless of step-by-step guides & videos out there, below you'll find a few examples:



If you want to have a look at some training or certification for Windows Server you can have a look over here:


At the bottom right of the above link you'll find some "Windows Server resources", these can be good learning material if you want to spend some bucks on books to get you started.


By using your favorite search engine you can search for for example "Windows Server tutorials" or "Windows Server Guides" and you'll find plenty of useful material that may help you get started.

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I'd suggest you to first try it in a Virtual environment such as Virtual Machines (VM) on Hyper-V, and once you've got the required experience, then switch to a physical environment.

using VMs have lots of advantages and do Not harm your real hardware in case something goes wrong and also you wouldn't need a different computer for that.

thanks for your help@Leon Laude