[FEATURE REQUEST] Use bootmenupolicy standard for Windows Server vNext


current behaviour:

Installing Windows Server or in-place upgrade will setup the bcd to legacy boot menu and so override the setting of the other OSes (such as multi-boot environment Windows 10).


Setting bcdedit to standard in Windows Server does not seem to have any effect. It is complicated to restore this (best effort, do an inplace upgrade on Windows 10 on a multiboot environment.



Windows Server default

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy 


Windows default

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard



- usability

- modern boot menu is more familar and practical for troubleshooting esp, when using Bitlocker for Server or a user would like to uninstall CUs pre boot in case of a boot failure (possible since 1903)


@Elden Christensen thanks for consideration / triaging. 

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Dear Server Team,
can you specify if there is a technical reason to set the bootmenupolicy to legacy on Windows Server? I could imagine that especially systems which have the BiosFirmwareType = UEFI will greatly benefit here. VMs and Servers.

The access to uninstall failing or boot preventing CUs or entering the UEFI Setup or changing the boot device (such as network / PXE) would be great improvements also for Windows Server


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