Feature Request: sconfig should use add-computer -newname


Currently it seems that sconfig, despite now being a PowerShell based script is not using add-computer to add a computer to a domain.

Why do I think so? As with the old sconfig based on cscript, it still asks for new credentials to rename a computer after domain join.

Wonder why because add-computer -newname would do this in one step without asking for credentials a second time. Thanks for explaining why sconfig does so.
Currently it is easier / faster to add a computer to a domain without sconfig using a PS one liner.

It would be also interesting to include the option for OU so the computer account could be created in a specific OU using sconfig, even though typing a DN isn't everyones darling, I would appreciate this.

Thank you very much!

fyi @Artem Pronichkin 

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