Feature Request: Sconfig should be executable remotely

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Currently it is not possible to execute sconfig in a PowerShell Session e.g. Enter-PSSession via Server Manager or PowerShell or in PowerShell using WAC.

This is quite hindering.

Usecases for Windows Server GUI / Core install options

- checking basic settings if they are correct without invoking RDP

- executing basic tasks and configurations, e.g. changing RDP / Telemetry / installing or checking for Windows Updates

I understand Artems point this magic script is made for initial setup but I hope you see the benefit for the extra mile having this PowerShell based sconfig running remotely and another time eliminating RDP connections and local logons.

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sconfig should allow command line options to quickly check or change settings. Not only is this a hinderance to system administration, especially in Azure, but sconfig is not scriptable.
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Folks, I fully agree that every possible setting needs a decent option to be managed from command line. I'm with you here.

However, please hear me out: that's not what SConfig is for. SConfig is *based* on tools for command-line management. It's not *what* can provide command-line management.

In other words, if you want a command-line tool to enable RDP, I fully agree. Please, make a feature request just for that: a PowerShell cmdlet to enable RDP. That's a great idea, seriously.

If there's another setting (e.g., Telemetry) you would like to have command-line management for, great. Go ahead and submit *another*, separate feature request for that. We're all ears here.

Just don't call it “SConfig”. Because SConfig does not do that, and it should not do that. It's a job for another tool. These feature requests are not about SConfig.

Hey @K_Wester-Ebbinghaus 


I did some trialing out and you can execute sconfig remotely if you install the SSH Server role on Windows Server.

I do realize though that this means you actually need to install a role and use SSH instead of native PS Remoting out of the box, which is a bit of a let down. Hopefully the Microsoft Team can advance PS Remoting capabilities to allow this.

Mmm nice finding though, kudos!
Afaik SSH role uses an outdated and insecure version, afaik reported and known for Windows Client optional feature, too.

I am not sure if the limitation is the PS remoting. Most of the sconfig tasks are native cmdlets.

Well exception is activation which still rely on slmgr an interactive command, such as diskpart which doesn't run well remotely.

@Artem Pronichkin @TimothyWelborn I hear you both.


For me sconfig is a unified now PowerShell based place (GUI assisted and failsafe aka noob proof, for frequently used tasks on a fresh box or to configure later. 


I understand that for Azure it's not helpful as it is interactive and not scriptable, as we did once with diskpart (still not as nice as a native PowerShell cmdlet).


So Artem where would you like to get these feature requests? Feedback hub or here?