FEATURE REQUEST - latest version of Notepad - save and change preference


Opening notepad gives the user the ability to open the file in the enhanced version of notepad.

however, this option is presented every single time with every file.


Feature request:

1. If a user clicks on "Launch" the user should be asked if the new Notepad should be launched every time (by default)

2. Offer an option to enable / disable this revert this preference in the Settings app or in the settings of the latest Notepad app. Otherwise continue to show this option.

3. The option should be saved in HKCU.

4. An option to control this server-wide via machine or user-based ADMX template would be greatly appreciated.

The current UX offering this option every time, is not playing nicely with the idea of adoption of the improved Notepad.

Status Quo also hindering the user to use the new Notepad by default, if desired.



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