Feature Request: include a warning for creation of LBFO teaming


Please include a warning and reference if someone tries to create a LFBO teaming via PowerShell or Server Manager and advice (link/reference) to consider SET Teaming.

Still seeing admins creating LFBO teams, not only for clustering but also on bare metal servers like CommVault Backup or other limiting their network performance on 10+ GBit links with this action.

The problem here is that you decided to not touch any 2012+ GUI tools anymore, but muscle memory wins here. As long Teaming is so present in Server Manager it will more likely be used. 

Please include a converting script (there exist some good ones e.g. Altaro Hyper-V Dojo etc) to Convert LBFO Teams to SET Switches. This would be a good addition in WAC or included in a docs in said reference.

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