Feature Request: Enable FQDN by default for DFS Roots / DFS Management

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Currently one has to enable FQDN support for newly created DFS roots or existing DFS Server.


It would be helpful to enable this in vNext by default. Enabling this should not be a manual task anymore most are not aware of. Afaik it is not breaking things.

current command:

Set-DfsnServerConfiguration -ComputerName servername -UseFqdn $true

I am aware you unlikely won't fix that the DFS MMC it will then actively leverage FQDN by default, which it does not, no matter the setting.

What I could imagine though is that you bring a plugin for WAC to support DFS. 
Imho it's not yet obsolete, even though it is not playing a role in terms of Intune / AAD joined devices anymore. 

See also NetBIOS FR.

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