Explorer sucks on Windows Server Datacenter 2009

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Hi everyone,

I'm finally trying Windows Server Datacenter 2009 pre-release (10.0.17639) with desktop enviroment.

Let me say, I'm really excited about it: it rocks!

Everything's fine, I'm having just a little annoying issue: Windows Explorer sucks.


I don't know how to describe it. It has just some sort of little lag, sometimes. I'm talking of a sort of micro-stuttering. Can't figure out why. Milliseconds, yeah, but still perceivable. More symptoms may be:

- alt-tab sometimes stops to work and I have to reboot to fix this behaviour.

- I can't search into start menù. It says "start writing to search.." but doesn't take my keyboard input at all

- just sometimes "win+r" seems to "run" with a little lag, and control panel as well


Additional informations:

- I have all drivers installed, but I have to say I'm running it on a desktop mainboard, so Windows10 desktop drivers.

- The strange things is that other programs are lightning fast, even directx gaming.

- With Windows 10 (10.17133) my experience was perfectly smooth.

- I'm on Ryzen and have and SSD

- I wasn't on Windows Server since 10 years ago so big possibilities I missed out something


Final Question

I'm deep into beta stuff for linux, so I'm used to catch minor glitches like this and I know, it can be normal. Maybe I'm worring about literally nothing and I just have to wait for next update.

But I'd like to know: is anyone experiencing the same issues? Or is there something wrong with my configuration?


Thanks a lot


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What you're seeing isn't normal or expected. I'm running Windows Server 2019 on a variety of systems from a modern one to a systems that's 7 years old. Even on my 7 year old system, Explorer is silky smooth. Do yo have anymore info about the system? Make, model, system config etc. thx

Sure. Configuration as follows:

- AMD Ryzen 7 1800X

- 32gb 2400mhz

- Asus Prime X370 PRO
- GeForce GTX 1030 (Primary GPU)

- GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (Unused GPU)

- Samsung 960 Pro 500gb (2x)

- Western Digital Black 2TB (2x)


The hardware is tested and working correctly with:
- Windows 10 Enterprise build 16299 (stable)

- Windows 10 Pro build 17134 and 17655 (insider)

- Various *nix distros


All drivers installed without problems, nothing else installed except the system itself.

So, if it's not a common problem, I'll try with a fresh new install of windows asap, cause I can't imagine how troubleshoot this problem.

Thanks for following up with your configuration. That system looks awesome. Windows Server 2019 should be flying on that system. Please make sure that you have the latest BIOS update for the motherboard and retest with the latest preview build. tx!

Thank you, I did the best I could with a low budget. Anyway I use it just for testing purposes.

BIOS it's constantly updated and I always check both the latest RTM and the latest beta available for a piece of software. With Server2006 it works flawlessy. Anyway I use this PC, and Windows Server, just for testing purposes, so it's ok. I have others O.S.es to boot. I'll update this post after a new fresh install.