Docker image for Windows Server 2019 Preview Build 17692

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There does not seem to be a compatible windowsservercore-insider Docker image for Windows Server 2019 build 17692. The announcement says that the image will be provided, but the last pushed image was 12 days ago and does not support build 17692. When can we expect a compatible image?




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Made the same frustrating experience. Hyper-V isolation with nested virtualization is not a realistic scenario for our customers at this time but the strong dependency of windows containers in process isolation to it's host os version and the container sizes are critical paths. So as an architect i have to decline the usage of windows containers for our current developments!

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Hey Matthew, there was a small kink that arose in our insider image publishing pipeline. We're working to address the issue so that we can resume publishing insider images as normal. Apologies for the delays.

There is now an image available for build 17692 on Docker Hub.