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Can a windows server standard core 2019 license work on windows server standard with desktop experience 2019?


I ask that because I have windows server standard with desktop experience installed on my server but the license received is the server standard core license.



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@isf01 Windows Server 2019 was released in two versions: Windows Server 2019 Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) and Windows Server, version 1809 Semi-Annual Channel Release (SAC) - both are "1809" but are branded differently. Windows Server 2019 (LTSC) media comes with two editions, Datacenter and Standard,  If you purchased a license for LTSC Standard, you should have had two installation options, desktop or core. If you installed Core and now want the desktop version, you'll need to re-install. See Windows Server, version 1809 also comes in two editions, but only with the core installation option, no desktop. Desktop cannot be installed on Windows Server, version 1809.

Just to add to what Mary's said, if the license says “Windows Server 2019,” you're entitled for any installation option—Server Core or Server with Desktop Experience. Those are installation options of the same product, so the license covers both.

If there's word “core” in the license name, it likely has nothing to do with installation options (i.e. Server Core or Server with Desktop Experience.) “Core,” in this context, means that the license is for certain number of processor cores. All licenses for Windows Server behave like that nowadays. Instead of covering a server as a whole (physical box) or a CPU package (socket), it covers a certain number of physical processor cores*. This means that potentially, a server with fewer processor cores will require fewer licenses, while a server with more cores will require more licenses.

This scheme might be confusing, so I strongly encourage you to validate that with your licensing specialist and/or vendor which you got the licenses from. But either way, it has nothing to do with installation option.

* regardless of the number of threads or logical processors, i.e. simultaneous multithreading (SMT) or Intel Hyper-Threading.

Hello @Mary Hoffman @Artem Pronichkin , thank you already for your relevant answers. Absolutely It is a License regarding the number of core. do you have any idea why when I try to put the VLSC MAK key It does say: error 0xC004F069 on a computer running a non-kernel edition of microsoft windows?


0xC004F069 stands for “Mismatched product” error. Full error text is “The Software Licensing Service reported that the product SKU is not found.”


Effectively it means that the product key does not match the OS installation you're using. Where did you obtain the media (ISO) and what was the file name?

Hello, Thank you @Artem Pronichkin @Mary Hoffman , thanks to your information I was able to resolve the problem. I had to put the license keys of the trial version first (the keys are on the microsoft site) after that everything worked