Cosmetic issue - Setup font / sizing on Server Core IPU


Dear Microsoft team,
this is something long standing, nothing of high prio, rather indeed cosmetic. Not sure how many of work would be needed to fix.

The setup UI (wizard and blue install screen) has weird font when on Server Core.
I think this can even go back to Windows Server 2016. Visually it seems like two to three fonts are missing and intepreted. I would not bother but people with disabilities + not using automation could literally see issues.

Thanks for your opinion. The easiest would be if the fonts required would be part of WS core OS, this could be done in a servicing update. Just thinking out loud.

It is not a matter of remote or local screen resolution RDP or Hyper-V Console or enhanced session. All same. very easy to repro

Repro Steps
fire up 2 VMs one Core one GUI 
mount ISO
run .\setup.exe on each
watch the UX in setup and after wizard in blue setup screen online phase.




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