Cannot Download Windows Server 2019 LTSC 17623

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I'm getting an error of 715-123130 no matter which browser I use and it is a little bit annoying, I am enrolled in the Server Insider Preview as I had been able to download the previous builds but the LTSC 17623 build is just not having it.


Even though it changes every time, I have a transaction ID of d2791e58-b05d-4349-af96-73ddf490cb8b, could someone help please?



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Are you still having this problem? I've found other recent instances of this error on the Insider program for Windows client, but the error appeared to resolve itself eventually.

Hi Mary,


I'm afraid not, the error still persists, I've just tried and I'm greeted with the same error code.

Is the problem limited to the Server Insider download page? For example, are you able to download anything from Windows 10 Insider Preview?

Hmm, looks like it is also occurs with the Windows 10 Insider Preview as well, same error code as well.

I'm still researching this but I haven't had much luck yet. I suggest you visit Microsoft Support Contact Us page for assistance. Refer to Message Code 715-123130 and your latest transaction ID.