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Cannot Change Display Language and Download Languge Options

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Installed 17744 English. To many that is fine, but there is immediately an error on load "Something happened and we couldn't install a feature". Tapping the alert takes you to the English Language Options (English UK) "Basic Typing", "Handwriting" and "Speech" all of which fail to download (Error 0x800F0950). Internet options set as well as WinHTTP to use my proxy and updates work fine. 


Plus. I cannot change the Windows Display Language from English US to English UK as there is no option to do so (anywhere!). It says English UK is installed and the default App language, but it is not listed as a Display Language. I tried installing another language - same thing happens. Lpksetup with Windows 2016 and Windows 10 Build 1808 Language Interface Packs do not work either.


Am I doomed to "color" instead of "colour"?

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Steve, for the second issue, can you please check the group policy settings to see any restriction is enabled with respect to languages for the device.


In Group Policy Editor please check if any of these group policy is enabled?

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel -> Regional & Language Options

User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options

Some issue with my first start server Administrator password change i cannot press enter to repeat password. I will restart for now
Tab works :)) sorry

Thanks for your reply Eshwar, but all those Policy settings are "not configured".