Can we have a change log for Windows Server insider builds?


I wish there was change log for every Windows Server insider build that gets released, just like regular Windows 10 insider builds, and also blog post entries like this detailing every change


that would be very useful to know what has been changed in each build.

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I agree most releases list known issues but rarely changes made, due own or insider feedback.



First off I want to thank you for your feedback and assure you that the Windows Server dev team is actively monitoring this forum for feedback on Windows Server Insiders, as well as feedback in the Feedback Hub.  We deeply appreciate you helping us innovate Windows Server and contributing to it's development / release.


For the issues reported in this Forum, our strategy has been to respond to the individual here in the public threads as well as give follow-up on investigation and fixing of issues.  Our thinking is that the burden shouldn't be on you to grovel through change lists to figure out status on something you reported.  So your posts will get notifications.  


The core OS development team is a large organization, and it's actually significant effort to take the time to write a doc and publish each change.  But agreed we could do better with server, as they do with client and your feedback is fair.  As you might guess by looking at our historical release cadence, we are in a stabilization phase and code churn has slowed significantly.  If you are looking to learn more about what's coming in Windows Server vNext, stay tuned for announcements coming at Ignite in just a few weeks.



Elden Christensen

Principal PM Manager

Windows Server Development Team

thank you, yes I really do hope that the feedbacks get attention and be considered, I've submitted a bunch of them on feedback hub, they are important so i hope the lack of sufficient upvotes on them doesn't make them less important to you. because it could be for lots of reasons, people not seeing them etc.
I agree. The number of upvotes should not be a measurement of importance. In current times people might be lucky if they have time to test a server preview at all :) @HotCakeX. Thank you for your active participation.
You're right, and thank you for your support :)