Can't sign into Windows Server 2019 Insider Preview (Add Insider Account)

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Hi, I have Windows Server 2019 vNext Insider Preview Build 20282. I've had it since Build 20262. When I try to update (Build 20262), it doesn't show any new Builds. I had to manually download and install Build 20282 (from 20262.) I thought it was a problem with WSUS. Today, I noticed that the "Insider Preview" settings in "Settings" (win + i), doesn't show my Insider account. That might be the problem. All other Updates work fine. Just no new Builds. I've been a Windows 10 Insider since the beginning. (Build 9986.) So I'm trying to add my Microsoft email to Windows Business Insider Preview. I successfully added it on their website. The next step is "Flight." When I click flight, it doesn't show any options. On the website. I'm attaching a screenshot. Then, I tried linking my Microsoft Insider email in "Settings." (Update and Security.) It lets me choose my email, but then closes and nothing happens. I know this is a problem with "MY" pc and not my Insider account. Also, I get an error:

"To manage the Windows Insider Program settings for your device...You'll need to turn on optional diagnostic data."

I'm attaching a screenshot. "Take Control" button doesn't do anything. I checked regedit (HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Windows Update.) I tried this Link:


Edit: Now I have a new pic (see #3.) I am on the Built-In Administrator account with my Microsoft email. (Linked from Insider Preview Business.) So how do I sign up/sign into my Insider Preview account? Is there a Powershell script? For adding an Insider account? I'd like to get new Builds. And what's the "Optional Diagnostics Data" error? It's turned on. Same error. Please reply. Thanks

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Do I have to update manually? I read that. On Server 2019. Why the Insider Option? I'd like to update automatically. I'm downloading Build 20287. How do I reset Windows Update to Default? I'd like it back to normal. Maybe Installing build 20287 will fix Windows Update. Keep everything. I'll report back...

I installed the new build. It reads "Windows Server 2022." Not "2019." Nice. I reset settings in Regedit. Here's the link.


5 Easy Ways to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070422 - Outbyte Official Blog


It updates fine. Everything besides New Builds. I will watch to see if it updates the next Build. The "Insider" account is still not working. Error 0x0. I can't add it. So, will I have to manually download and install each Update? Can I add my MSA user to Insider Preview in Powershell? Just wondering.



@nethunter  Automatic build installation is not available on Windows Server. New server Insider builds must be installed manually. Build-to-build upgrade is supported.