Build 25151: No ARM64 iso available?

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I cannot select the architecture ARM64 as download option. I missed the ARM64 build with Server 2022, won't there bei an ARM64 version for vnext?

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Windows Server did not release an ARM64 version with Windows Server 2022. There are no previews of Windows Server ARM64 VNext at this time. Windows 11 is available on ARM64 for insiders at
There are clearly visible hints at and that there are ARM64 builds, but we are not yet able to access them.
I know that Server 2022 was released without ARM64, hence I wrote: "I missed the ARM64 build with Server 2022".
Windows 11 on ARM 64 is a problem, it brings such a truckload of useless stuff along slowing down the OS quite a lot if the device in question has only 4 GB RAM or less. The server variant is much cleaner and requires way less RAM and storage. I regularly see x64 servers (for example: Domaincontrollers for a separate "Hyper-V Cluster only AD", normal desktop install) tucking along with less than 1 GB RAM usage (dynamic), and about 13 GB HDD usage.

Copying a response from EldenC on the topic of ARM64 from a similar post: 


"As Mary said, there is no ARM64 of Windows Server.  This is an internal artifact that can be ignored, sorry for the confusion.


However, as we look to the planning for the next version of Windows Server... if an ARM64 would be interesting, very open to the feedback.  Please provide details into the scenarios and use cases specifically around Windows Server that make ARM64 interesting to you.


Elden "