BSOD with SMB Compression

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I got page "fault in nonpaged area" BSOD in "srvnet.sys" with server 2022 when I enable smb compression and open a rar file with winrar from remote mapped drive with windows 11 client.

so when will the final version be available. It seems so buggy that can not be used now. btw there is also no gui effort probably because of not matured yet. I want know the roadmap for smb compression.  thanks in advance. and It took some time 2 day to figure out the bsod caused from compression. I isolate it.

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I can repro this, although I used a 7zip file and got BAD_POOL_CALLER (in srvnet.sys). To be sure we're talking about the same thing, it's the client that crashes? Because that's what happened here.

These are my repro steps:
1. Enabled SMB client compression on both Client (build 22523) and Server (build 22518) using EnableCompressedTraffic DWORD=1 in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters
2. Opened a file share in File Explorer from client via UNC path on Server, ie: \\client\share
3. Attempted to open .7z file on client's file share using WinRAR by double-clicking on the file in File Explorer on Server
4. Client crashed instantly

I added it to the feedback hub:

Also of note, after removing the EnableCompressedTraffic DWORD, the GSOD/BSOD does not occur.
I tried them both windows 2022 server datacenter and windows 11 enterprise. they both got BSOD as a smb server with compression, but not the client windows 11 enterprise. client was saying can not connect server after a few seconds because server is BSOD.
and without the compression everything is fine.
I belive that cause may be of CPUs. my server cpu is dual xeon x5650 with 96 gb ram. It is old thats why it will work as disk client perfectly. and my client is dual xeon. and my client is dual xeon e5-2640v4 with 144gb of ram. they might write and compile the code for the newer CPUs.