b26xxx - Input language switches erratically while typing from de-de to en-us


Hi everyone, I am seeing this for a longer time now, cannot exactly remember the build this got introed but not "ever since" in WS vNext.


OS is installed in native language en-US and I have added de-de keyboard / regional options.
de-de is my "default input" language.

Windows Key + Space would usually allow to switch between en-us and de-de keyb layout.


When writing (lots as I am used too, or just a bit) Windows erratically changes the language as if I have pressed Win + Space. This combination however or simlar like Ctrl + Space are so unsual while writing that I cannot imagine I am really hitting these accidentally (at the same time over and over).


bad thing I cannot repro the problem but the input (keyb) language changes erratically. 

Noteably it will never change back from en-us to de-de without actually conciously hitting, Win + Space which will revert to de-de, as expected.


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Hi Karl, thanks for letting us know about this issue. Can you please also submit this bug through feedback hub by chance?


@Eleanor_Little I will do. it is back working with repro steps in 26277. Repro steps were not available in 26100 in my build. 


Could you please help me how to file quality feedback for this particular case? Category that would fit best and what I should try to record. I usually do not notice that the OS switched while typing unless I am using german umlauts or z /y being switched, so what I could do is typing for a longer time while leaving repro steps on and hope it will switch and switch back? Or just record that I switch back and you are receiving a timestamp? Thanks for clarification. The issue is so uncommon and hard to repro that I have to ask.