b26010 - Bluetooth support in vNext but where? No device in devmgr


Dear Windows Server Insider Team, 

following your announcement of Ignite there should be bluetooth and wifi support for Windows Server vNext.

This really amazing as this also means that feedback from the linked thread & even more the sublinked thread has driven a change, which is good

But being on b26010 there is no Bluetooth device in device manager, opposed to Windows 11.

the missing devices seem unrelated


Confirmed, settings app has the bluetooth section but nothing could be connected / turned on / off without the device.

feature request:

debates and workarounds:

first mention of bluetooth support for vNext b25977:

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Hi, Karl. Can you give us a few details on your Bluetooth device, particularly the brand, model, and HW ID? My guess is that your device is somehow missing drivers on Windows Server and so is not enumerating properly. (I'm writing this from a Windows Server that does have a functional BT adapter that I use for calls everyday. :-))

Michael Bernstein (MSFT)