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Are there any plans to make Azure Virtual Desktop available on Azure Stack HCI?


I am aware that a standard remote desktop setup using Windows Server VMs is perfectly possible, but that's a bit of a 'poor-relation' as it's not fully-fledged Windows 10, and some software (the Adobe suite being a particular case) isn't officially supported on RDS setups (but is supported on AVD).


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This community is for Windows Server. For Azure Stack HCI, please send feedback to the Azure Stack HCI User Voice at Thank you!
Azure Stack HCI is quite clearly a server product, and as there doesn't appear to be a dedicated Azure Stack HCI section on here this seems the most logical place to ask it. I do not want to 'send feedback' - I want an answer to what is a fairly simple question.

Do you think that you could try posting helpful answers, rather than berating users for asking a question on what you deem to be the 'wrong' forum (despite there seemingly being no 'right' forum).


Thank you for your feedback. This is something that is being looked at. I encourage you to send mail to for any additional information as that team would be best equipped to answer questions about their future plans.