Any way to start the mobile hotspot at Windows Server Insider Preview Build 25997 23H2?

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After  OOBE the Build 25997, then install the WIFI driver.

I found the mobile hotspot button is grey, and the section at the settings notice 'we cannot set up mobile hotspot'.

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Hi Shane,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Is there a particular scenario for which you were wanting mobile hotspot to work on Windows Server?



Yash (Windows Server PM team)

@Yash_Shekar I have two customers that are using Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI as a platform for mobile clusters for emergency purposes. Currently they connect their management / updates / Azure via LTE routers, but I could imagine in a worst-worst-case scenario I could imagine that using a hotspot might become a feasible thing. Not very high priority for them atm. Just never thought about that is impossible. Thanks for bringing this up @Shane_Chou .