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When might we be getting updated server AMDX files?



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@Flyboy50 these are always located in C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions

Also you can use EvergreenADMX script (not yet supporting WS 2025).

Thank you. Can you verify that, indeed, these are updated to each release?

@Flyboy50 that is only possible if you copy these to a location and subfolder, upgrade the WS 2025 and repeat to a different folder then using PowerShell to compare the admx files (measure-object).

They do not release any changelogs, very unfortunately.

here is an example of manual comparison. It is not easy :)


admx files are basically nothing special just XML. You can also use Visual Studio Code or Windiff or similar to compare changes.



... Upon further research, I see two 'issues'.
The first is that the "Windows Update for Business" Template is nowhere to be found. On a Server.

The second is that the WindowsCopilot ADMX includes the ever-so-desired line: 





Which, if I am not mistaken, means that we cannnot use it on a server.


@StaceyCL_RM  , can you confirm/deny?