Adding Windows Server 2019 Preview Build 17623 as Remote Desktop Session Host

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Hello everyone,


My company is currently trying out Windows Server 2019, we utilize Remote Deskstop primarily in our company. When trying to add Windows Server 2019 as a RD Session Host to an existing Remote Desktop Collection I only get a Compatibility Check error.


Is this caused by the fact that the version is still to new for a Windows Server 2016 RDP Collection?

All 4 possible reasons I've been able to check except for the fact if it supports Windows Server 2019 yet. 


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Gerjan van Steenbergen

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I've probably found the cause for this error and that is that Session Host is missing in the Remote Desktop Services roles setup.


Any idea how I can get this one working?



The rumour mill is churning - it's not at all clear that the RDS role will be available with Windows Server 2019.

Something about multi-user Windows 10 in the future.

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Please stay tuned for more information regarding RDS. No, it is not going away. I want to be very clear on this. Remote Desktop Services (RDS) has been an essential technology for our customers dating all the way back to Windows NT when it was known as Terminal Services. Today, Remote Desktop is still one of the most popular technologies, has a thriving partner ecosystem and we know that our customers love Remote Desktop Services. However, it is not included in the preview.

I just hope when you say "not going away" that you're not hinting that it's being moved out of the mainline Server product. That is, it'll still be around, just not where we were expecting.


17639 has just appeared. Maybe it's back now?