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As we all know, to share bug report or feedback for Windows Server we need to use Windows 10 Feedback Hub app. 

When there is a bug report, Feedback Hub is essentials because there is a need to share log files. However for idea, it would have been nice to add a Idea tab in this forum , so we could share it here (in addition to the Feedback Hub app).

Microsoft Technical Community supports Idea and we could share idea and people could vote for it and I believe it would be valuable for community.

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@Reza_Ameri  Could you explain in more detail what you are asking for, perhaps illustrating with an example?

Sure, please have a look at:
I am request something like the link above in this page , so we could share our idea and feedbacks for Windows Server here.
I believe that is meant for ideas for the community itself, although I do see a few posts for product ideas. If you have an idea for Windows Server, I recommend that you post it in one of the Windows Server communities where it is likely to get more attention. This forum is a great place to post ideas for the next version of Windows Server.
Yes, the website is dedicated for idea related to Microsoft Technical Community only (not products). However this is part of the Microsoft Technical Community platform and I believe you may integrate this Idea option inside this forum too.
You will need to check with the Microsoft Technical Community team. I have seen similar idea submission style for other Microsoft products in this community too.