2019 - Server with Desktop - Not option in unattended installs

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2019, Server, Insider, Install, WInPEI am trying to do net-booting with the latest 2019 LTSC preview.  There is a desktop option when installing via the GUI, however, according to DISM - there is no Desktop version.  I only have the following versions:



Command line that ran is dism.exe /image:C:\Temp\wim /Get-TargetEditions 
Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 10.0.14393.0

Image Version: 10.0.17623.1002

Editions that can be upgraded to:

Target Edition : ServerDatacenterACor
Target Edition : ServerStandardACor
Target Edition : ServerDatacenterEvalCor
Target Edition : ServerDatacenterCor
Target Edition : ServerStandardEvalCor
Target Edition : ServerAzureCor
The operation completed successfully.


How can I install the desktop version?


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