Your Device is at risk because it is out of date - WSUS

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We have a new WSUS server for our Windows 10 systems that we are starting to roll out. We point devices to WSUS using group policy. I have noticed that when you first connect a PC to the domain, it does not initially show in WSUS, but when the PC checks for updates, or if you manually check for updates then it appears in WSUS, I am guessing this behaviour is normal. The PC has been moved to the correct group in WSUS etc.


The issue I am finding is that when you look for updates on Windows 10, it shows that the device is at risk because it is out of date, and it suggests looking for updates. When you press the Check for updates button it seems to check, but then it comes up with the same message stating that it is at risk and that I should check for updates. You can check again, but the same issue occurs.


I have looked at multiple articles online and the only fix I have found for this is on the PC experiencing the issue you have to change the time from UK time to US timezone, and also set it to 1 day ahead. As soon as you press the check for updates button, it seems to look at WSUS and downloads and installs the appropriate updates?



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