You're invited to Florida PowerShell User Group Online Meeting Sept. 29th


Speaker: Maximo Trinidad


Topic: “Taking a look at PowerShell Open Source

PowerShell is Open Source now! Come and see how you could use PowerShell in cross-platform between Windows and Linux sharing scripts to assist in admin task automation. We’ll spend some time in Linux, and working with some of the editor(s) available for scripting. Also, I’ll be providing information on how to contribute to PowerShell Open Source. This is a demo intensive presentation you don’t want to miss.


To register click on the link (fixed):


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I tried to register but the link looks like is not working.

Hi Elio,


I just fixed the link.  Thanks for the notice!




It would be a good hit of other open source scripting language , powershell have lots of feature we can use to automate , no linux also.