WSUS - Why Windows target version GPO / registry setting is not working?

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I would like to set my Windows 10 PC's target version to 22H2 and disable Windows 11 upgrade. I set a GPO to disable the upgrade, but it is not working, my test PC's still get the Windows 11 upgrade (and it fails with unsupported processor error).

The registry settings set correctly on the Windows 10 PC, but it is still try to get the update from my WSUS server. What do I miss? How could I tell these PC's to not try this update?

According to this microsoft answer post, I did everything correctly, but still I face this problem.








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In WSUS are you using targeted groups?

For systems I want to block an update for I setup a group policy that targets the PC into a different group. Then I exclude the update from that group.

@David Jenkins

Yes, I do use targeted groups. I have 10+ different places to manage and this gives me more control over the PC's. They get their membership based on their IP address and I have a test group too. This thing works nicely.


I don't think that I should do a windows11 WSUS group under the current groups just to handle this annoying thing. I think the update mechanism should work like Microsoft tell us in their articles (microsoft learn / admx help).