WSUS update not automaticaly

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Hello to all,
When I push the updates from my WSUS server to the other servers that should receive the updates, they do not automatically install the updates, I have to connect to each server each time to force the download and installation of updates.
Many servers tell me: "We will automatically install the updates when you are not using your device. You can also install them now if you wish."
While others say, "Updates are ready to be downloaded."
Would you have any idea how to fix the problem so that the servers automatically download these updates?
Thank you very much,
Sincerely yours,

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So your servers do register themselves on your WSUS server, but if they don't auto-install it.. Then you're Group Policy settings are not correct, what settings to they contain other than the WSUS server address?
Could you update us with more information?
If you decide to execute WSUS in your setup, you have to look into WSUS needs.
Remove third-party security software.
Check Windows update utility manually.
Keep all services about Windows updates running.
You will have to run the Windows update troubleshooter.
Restart the Windows update service by CMD.
Increase free space of system drive.
Repair corrupted system files.
I think most things could be done with just the Group Policy settings, most things you mention are troubleshooting machines that won't download/install updates. The issue here is the difference in configuration which should be done using GPO

Did you manage to fix your problem ?