WSUS Server downloads updates but clients dont get the updates

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Dear All


I've been facing  a challenge that I cannot resolve for some time now. In our environment we run a clustered virtual server environment on the hyper-v. I setup one of the VMs with the WSUS service and pointed the downloads to a SQL VM server. 


The clients in our environment should be receiving the updates via a GPO setup on our Domain Controller. The clients do get the gpupdate from the GPO but no updates are applied. 


Where could the problem be?


Some ideas that have come up was that there is a local firewall blocking the downloads however we have disabled all our local firewalls.


Should the GPO be pointed to the WSUS or the SQL server?


Why is it that when I check updates on any client or server it goes into error due to not being able to receive updates?


I get the below message on WSUS:


'The permissions on directory \\gkm-sql-01\data\Wsuscontent are incorrect'

Windows Server Hyper-V Clustering


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