WSUS Reinstallation WSUS administration website not installed

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We have an issue with WSUS on Windows server 2022 std.

In the WSUS console, we cannot connect to the server with the server name. (HTTP 400 error)

Other applications (powershell, configuration manager) cannot connect to WSUS by server name, either. (HTTP 400 error)

But the IP address works fine.

The server also has the configuration manager (2403) installed.

After some searching on google, we decided to remove the WSUS and reinstall it.

The removal was successful.  And I also deleted the WSUS administration website in IIS and the WID database files.

After the reboot, I reinstall the WSUS in "add Roles and Features".

But the post installation fail, and nothing is in the log file.

When I check the IIS, there is no WSUS administration website. It is not reinstalled.



Why is the WSUS administration website not installed?

What shall we do now?




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