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Is there a recommended maintenance script or set of tasks for WSUS on Windows Server 2019?

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Haven't done much with WSUS the last few years, but I liked
Did that work for you?
Hi @shocko I would recommend this script as it does a lot of things WSUS cannot do on its own.
You will be amazed and it is worth every penny of the annual subscription alone for the time saving.
There won't be a better and more comprehensive script on the net you will find. Promised.
Seems more holistic in the sense of looking at the WSUS app layer rather than pure DB layer.
It does a lot.

Optimizing SQL or WID database (I recommend not to use the WID due to ram and CPU limits technically it's an unpatched SQL 2012 LocalDB,


It also fixes the wrong OS names on database level as well as sufficiently compress and purge old updates from the database.
In typical environment this saves you thousands or hundred of thousands update metadata.

As said there's nothing better for WSUS DB than this. You won't be disappointed. Tried a lot of free scripted solutions before. WAM was once free too.

You will never have to worry about having too many Updates, old Updates, uneeded Updates. You can auto approve all and WAM takes care that the DB and repository doesn't explode.
Btw. For most customers I don't use WSUS to save any updates. As this does not make sense in modern environments due to delivery optimization.
Why should I bother? It's time consuming. The tool does everything of this plus more. The MS guides won't help you to overcome "by design" issues like OS naming, not being able to remove unneeded products from database or declining unneeded products. Either you make your own scripts or do this manually. This all is certainly more expensive than buying this little fee (imho).
Because if your product smashes your WSUS/SUP, you are on your own - Microsoft Support will redirect you to the editor's support. Relying on a non-Microsoft product for your Microsoft-based production environment is risky.
I'm not saying this product is bad or that the ROI isn't worth it. But it's important to know there is an official supported way to achieve this.
I agree with that statement. on the other hand the product should have sufficient support as it is founded by person that's an MVP for this area.
Mind that usual Microsoft support does not do any root cause analysis or hotfix deployment, so if their workaround is to reinstall the WSUS their mission is done. From my experience they will unlikely fix your WU database when it is borked.
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best response confirmed by shocko (Iron Contributor)
Haven't done much with WSUS the last few years, but I liked

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