Workstation Cached Credentials after 2012 r2 Server Crash

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The Windows Server 2012 r2 crashed a few days ago on a 10 station network of W10 computers.

Because we had just moved the network to a different server there has not been the insanity that usually accompanies a server crash. The users are supposed to continue to have access to their W10 computers remotely. Is there a time period where the cached network credentials go away , leaving the users unable to get local access into their computers ? They probably have local data in Documents, Pictures, Outlook that will eventually be moved elsewhere.


Is there a ticking clock that I have to watch out for ? Should I make sure all the computers have local admin access just in case ? Usually, with a crashed server - it's fixed or resolved somehow, very fast.  Here, my mandate is to do the minimum needed to protect the users. I don't know if the server will ever be back up or replaced and want to ensure the users don't get stuck without their local data.

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The cached credentials do not expire.





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