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Hello All,


We have almost 60+ workgroup servers (Not joined to domain) and around 125+ server which are joined to domain.

There was a requirement to deploy a particular settings on all servers, we were able to deploy that setting via GPO on all servers which are joined to domain. 

Looking for some suggestion how same can be deployed on workgroup servers (not joined to domain)



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was a requirement to deploy a particular settings on all servers

What settings?



In case those settings are available in the Group Policy, then you could deploy them in domain-joined PC but it is not easy to deploy them for workgroup. In this case, it would be better to add them to domain.
Another way would be using the PowerShell and run a script and deploy them for all devices.
well. because they are not joined to domain, that's why you have a lack of central management.
a) load all servers that are not joined into a tool like mremoteng or rdcman 2.8 so that you have a list of servers you can rdp into

b) assuming all have the same local administrator credentials. then its all fine.

c) rdp in one by one and make changes.

d) if on the other hand you are able to do your changes by powershell/registry imports, then you may try powershell enter-pssession and do the changes possibly in a loop (assuming credentials are same). otherwise you have to do so manually.
These settings are realted to Computer configuration.

The settings which are looking to deploy are the registry settings, URLS, and Proxy settings.
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