Work Folder can sync sucess but at Server UI user properties not update

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Not sure where is the right Work Folder discuss group . so please execuse me.


We have already use a Windows server 2012R2 Work Folder server for a long time 

Rencently want to migration to Windows Server 2022. So we edit the user's AD propperties

setup test user point to use WorkFolder Server(msDS-SyncServerUrl)


We have setup a new Windows Server 2022 with Work Folder Service

Client is Windows 10 22H2


The Work Folder at Windows 10 client can success Sync with Server 

The Quetion is at Server UI . When we want to see the user's sync status (user Properties)

the user properties and Device details will not show anything. 

any suggestion need to check ?  Thanks

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After test . Client is Windows 10 22H2.
Windows Server 2012R2 , Status correct
Windows Server 2019 , Status not display
Windows Server 2022 , Status not display


We try to use powershell Get-SyncUserStatus -User (User Name) -SyncShare (Share Name) to display user and device info

The Windows Server 2012R2 , will show user and device info

The Windows Server 2022 , will NOT show user and device info


The problem seems to be caused by the Server?

Can Someone help to verify with the Work Folder Teams? 

Hi All. want to share the information to you !

After contact Product Manager of Work Folders. We confirm the User Sync status have been

remove started from Windows Server 2019

So thoese function is disable.