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I am trying to resolve an issue with WMI Provider Host process that is consuming a ton of CPU/Memory. I have seen several resolutions on Google searching, however, none seem to really fix the issue. Any other help or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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@Dave Patrick 


Thanks for the info! I did the suggested scripts in that article with no results. :sad:



How about if you restart it? Maybe something useful found here find the PID and look it up Task Manager\Processes.






@Dave Patrick 

When I look at the events in Event Viewer, none of the PIDs are in Task Manager anymore, so I cannot restart them.

You may need to start killing processes one at a time to figure out the culprit.

WMI Provider Host process cpu utilization between 20% to 60% permanently (microsoft.com)




@Tim Hunter  did you ever find a solution to this problem. I am in the same boat as you, none of the event ID in event viewer match what is going on in task manager