Windows thinclient running browser locally and Remoteapp from Windows RDS

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Hey guys,

I've a common problem across all my RDS/Citrix deployments when running a full desktop session as web browsing inside the session consumes a lot of resources plus has latency. I want to try Remoteapp for RDS first so I can use a Windows based thinclient or a regular computer converted to thinclient that will have IE/Chrome installed locally to run web browsing saving CPU/memory usage on RDS/Citrix server and deploy all applications like MS Office and other LOB applications as Remoteapps.

I've not done this in production yet, but I've been testing in a POC at the moment and it works fine, especially with single sign-on, the person logs into the windows thinclient and there is no password prompts anymore.

Have you guys tried something similar? Any thoughts, opinions, criticism, flaws that you could share so I can come up with something better? 

I'm planning to write an article how to do this in detail later on as I believe there is nothing out on the internet with the same goal as me.

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