Windows Sevrer offline update user experience should be improved

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I have to say I am getting annoyed when installing cumulative updates for Windows Server 2016 on an air-gaped server.


I have installed this server by using en_windows_server_2016_x64_dvd_9718492.iso, which means the initial version is 10.0.14393.447. I was happy at the very beginning because we have cumulative update. As the name indicates, I should have the ability to patch my server to a specific version.


But servicing stack update TOTALLY break this nice dream. And these servicing stack updates are not listed in update history. (


Since yesterday, I have to use to check the updates that should be installed. gives following output.




I have to patch the server to the specified version to mitigate the version compatibility issue of Windows Container.

latestamd64No DockerfileWindows Server LTSC 201611/21/2018 17:35:2901/08/2019 20:57:57
ltsc2016amd64No DockerfileWindows Server LTSC 201610/05/2018 23:34:1102/12/2019 20:59:43
10.0.14393.2665amd64No DockerfileWindows Server LTSC 201612/11/2018 22:44:2812/11/2018 22:44:28
10.0.14393.2608amd64No DockerfileWindows Server LTSC 201611/21/2018 17:39:0711/21/2018 17:39:07


The issue was solved by following the hint here.


I am not new to Windows Server, once I have certified as MCSE since Windows Server 2003. But I don't have a plan to renew it anymore. For this specific case, I don't 100% believe this slogan, "empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more."


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