Windows Services - Install Oracle WLS_FORMS as window services

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Hi Expert,


This is regarding the issue above subject. So I did install Oracle Form and Report 12c on Windows Server 2019 std.


And migration from 11g to 12c.


Nothing went wrong except we found out that, from the application it unable to generate Excel.


So after debug, it lead to this code.


alert_lib.display_message ('Debug', 'Before Workbooks');

-- Create a new set of Workbooks
workbooks := OLE2.Get_Obj_Property(application, 'Workbooks');

alert_lib.display_message ('Debug', 'After Workbooks');


So we did further investigation it probably issue cause by the privilege's. Seem OLE2 have limitation.


To give some background all services running in Windows service.


The we run each service one after another. Found out that WLS_FORMS that running on Windows Service unable to generate Excel.


So what I did, manually run the WLS_FORMS service using cmd as administrator. Surprisingly it work!


So perhaps there is issue on Windows service.


So my question is

1. Does OLE2 have limitation ?

2. Can WLS_FORMS start from task scheduler using administrator ? 

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