Windows Server UserVoice has not been updated in almost 4 years. What are the plans?

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I follow and contribute to the Windows Server User Voice quite actively. I am saddened to see that the tool was factually abandoned by the Windows Server Team in February 2017.


As of now, there are 4737 suggestions on UserVoice.


Of those 4737 suggestions

  • 1 was tagged as survey in October 2015 has not been updated since.
  • 2 were tagged as investigating in March and December 2016 and have not been updated since.
  • 6 have been tagged as completed between May 2015 and February 2017. However the one with the most votes was tagged completed despite not having been completed at all.
  • 4 have been rejected
  • 63 have been flagged as either bugs, duplicates or external, shifting the responsibility away.

It's really disheartening as a Windows Server admin to see how the UserVoice portal is treated by Microsoft. There are so many good ideas there that would greatly improve Windows Server and a lot of suggestions that -- quite frankly -- should have been implemented already six years ago in Windows Server 2016.


What are the plans going forward? I feel that Microsoft should decide to revive the Windows Server UserVoice, or decide to close it.

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