windows server rras record other C/S address in SSTP tunnel over ipv6

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record wrong address in sstp over ipv6record wrong address in sstp over ipv6

We can see that Client/Server ipv6 addresses in RRAS MMC console are not the same with netstat log.

In rras SSTP mode, client connect to server port 443/tcp.

Using packet capture tool such as wireshark, I found netstat tells the right address.

Why RRAS mmc console print strange C/S addresses, with the same ipv6 prefix /64 as the netstat answer.

Radius auth/accounting records are the same with rras mmc console.


The same problem found in windows server 2016.

When switch to IKEv2 tunnel mode, addresses in MMC are the same with netstat.

The problem was not found in ipv4 tunnel.

DirectAccess feature is not enable.


Is this C/S addresses transform a feature? What for? Maybe Directaccess?

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