Windows Server on Azure Issues

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Whenever I spin up a Windows Server data center I have issues using the CLI to download/install and cannot install most things using Internet explorer. I cannot install Edge or IDEs etc. This may be a simple thing as I'm new to this. I try to get WSL downloaded through the cli and it will not work. I turn off the ie advanced security settings in Server Manager so I do not get issues with that security pop up every time however I seem to be missing something here. I was expecting a similar experience in this respect to something like Windows 10. Are there some dependencies required to use a windows server vm in azure normally or some security settings I need to turn off? Am I using the wrong image? 

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I'd try asking for help over here in dedicated forums.

Azure on Q&A | Microsoft Docs


or submit a support ticket here.

How to create an Azure support request - Azure supportability | Microsoft Docs




Ok thank you. What type of questions are better for this community just for future use and my knowledge?


Wow, a loaded question! About anything here microsoft related that you can find a tag for. Just pointing you to the correct forum for Azure specific questions. 


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