Windows Server / hyper-V VDI Question

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I inherited this issue and didn't setup it up.


From what the person who design and deployed it tells me I can't update the gold Image without affecting all the currently deployed and active VDIs but the gold image that we use is very out of date and logically it doesn't make any sense to me that if i update the gold image it will screw up all the active users. 


We are running thins clients that use MS connection broker to connect to hyper-v on two Active / Active Windows 2K16 servers for load balancing. 


We pre-assign the user to a newly deployed VDI based on the gold image.


That gold image is really out of date with a lot of software that we don't use anymore, I want to update that gold image but the person who deployed this over a year ago tells me it will screw up the other active VDIs.


Is there a way to update the image without screwing up existing users? 

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