Windows Server Essentials 2016 user limit

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We are a small contracting business with 5 office employees using Windows 10 workstations logging into a WSE 2016 server using AD. We have one Windows 7 workstation next to our plotter. And we have two vacant training desks, also with Windows 10 connected to the server. We want to use these two machines for intermittent safety training for our 25-35 field employees. I wanted to create a log-in for each employee with controlled access. But when I reached the 25 user limit in the Dashboard, I considered that this might not be the right way to go about this. Is there a better way to do something like this? Or can I exceed the 25 users if only 8 are connected at any one time? 

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Its a 25 connected/logged in users limit so this may work out for you.