Windows server essentials 2016 - connection computers easily

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I am currently running Windows server essential 2012. I am thinking of upgrading to server essentials 2016. I did the installation myself. I have had the setup checked a few times to make sure it is all correct. It seems to be done correctly.


Before I upgrade I would like to know if a few problems that I currently have will be resolved. 

The computers I use have are all Windows 10 professional that connect to the server.

1. Will the current windows 10 pro work computers easily join the domain ? The connector wizard does not connect the computers to the server.

2. If I install essentials server 2016 now, will the upgrade to sever essential 2019 be included ? or is this an extra cost ?

3. Will web remote access work ? I have had professionals look into why my remote access does not work and nobody has been able to get it to work ? The only solution, so far, has been to use a VPN (Teamviewer).

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