Windows Server Backup is not installed in Windows Server 2019

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Recently I installed windows deployment services and due to some reasons uninstalled it. After that I lost the windows server backup. I tried installing the Network Load Balancer and then  installing the backup feature, Nothing happened.S1.pngS2.pngS3.png

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I tried sfc, dism also mouting the windows server iso from microsoft site. Unfortunately no solution worked. Everything was returning the same error "Source not found"S1.png@Harm_Veenstra 

You did specify the full path to the WinSxS folder? Like this:

Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:WindowsServerBackup /Source:C:\mount\Windows\WinSxS
Same source not found error is coming the build numbers of the downloaded OS (ISO-Latest) from microsoft site and the one in os (Fully Updated) are completely different. That is the problem Im thinking how to solve.