Windows Server 2022 WDS & OEM License

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I've got a problem.
I need to clone some PC with Windows 10 OEM license.
I've prepared a 2022 WDS Server with a W10Pro image (iso from an MVLSC), the deployment works without problem.
BUT I can't activate my Licence because i guess he's looking for an KMS license...
Maybe I don't understand something, maybe I do womething wrong.
Could you please help me what is really possible with a 2022 WDS Server and an W10Pro OEM ?


Thank you very much


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You do NOT make an image from activated PC. Image should be not activated (ideally it should be created on Hyper-V VM with NO key inputed)
Once the image is brought down, you can apply whatever key is needed (OEM or KMS activation)
Configure the public client KMS key available on Microsoft website on your image -it should be configured by default if the image comes from MVLSC).
On your domain, enable Active Directory Activation (or AVMA if using Hyper-V).
Nothing else to do.
Better use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit rather than WDS to build your image tho.