Windows Server 2022 Standard - Limitation in RDP sessions with active GPU on Hyper-V DDA?

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Hello community,


we have a testsetup and try to find out is there any limitation in the number of users when a GPU is installed on a Windows Server 2022 single session host. Our test setup is a

  • 32 Cores CPU AMD Epyc
  • 256GB of RAM
  • 2x Nvidia RTX A5000
  • 2TB NVMe storage
  • Hyper-V
  • GPU DDA to one VM

We have created 30 Testuser and set the following groupe policies:

  1. Disabled UDP protocol only TCP
  2. Disabled WDDM driver
  3. Set physical graphics adapter to use for all RDP sessions

But currently we get the issue DWM.exe is crashing after the 19 session is opening and all other user 20,21,22,23 can never connect. User which is disconnecting and trying to connect get an error during the start of the RDP session. It makes no difference if 1 or 2 GPU are connected to the VM. But if we check the hardware usage, we have a lot of free resources. Is there any limitation or any idea what we can do? Splitting the VM to different smaller VM is in our case not an option regarding the running software what we need. When we deactivating the setting

  • Set physical graphics adapter to use for all RDP sessions

All users can login to server and it seems to be the GPU are working maybee for browser, office etc. but OpenGL, DirectX etc. is not available what is bad. I hope you can support here and explain if there is any settings, limitations etc.






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