Windows Server 2019 the latest build 17763.737.190906-2324.rs5 issue with Task Scheduler

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We are in trouble with Windows Server 2019, the issue is related to Task Scheduler.
Something is wrong with permissions and privileges.
The latest build of the Server 2019 that we use is 17763.737.190906-2324.rs5.
The server is clear and freshly installed in VMWARE Esxi.
When we open Windows Server 2019's Task Scheduler we are not able to remove tasks in the Scheduler even when we are with full administrator permissions.

Do you know anyone something about this behavior of the new latest build of Server 2019?

We only find this but we didn't see anything interesting related to our case:

We think that the problem is a bug in the new release of the server.


Could you confirm or tell us more about the possibilities?

Thank you in advance and Best regards!

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It's not a bug, some tasks are restricted to System account, and some even require TrustedInstaller privileges

this exist in all Windows 10 / Server releases


the easy way is to take ownership and grant permissions to administrator for all files under C:\Windows\System32\Tasks


or you can try to use Task Scheduler itself to run a task as SYSTEM which disable the relevant task


SCHTASKS /Create /F /RU "SYSTEM" /RL HIGHEST /SC HOURLY /TN SystemTasks /TR "cmd /c SystemTasks.cmd"
SCHTASKS /Run /I /TN SystemTasks

where SystemTasks.cmd contain the commands to disable the tasks


SCHTASKS /Change /DISABLE /TN "Microsoft\Windows\WaaSMedic\PerformRemediation"

 or use 3rd party program NSudo to launch taskschd.msc as TrustedInstaller

Windows Server 2019 LTSC build 17763 is not insider

You can report here on uservoice.


or optionally start a case here with product support. A card is required to secure the incident contract but confirmed bugs are never charged.






Thank you we will try and  we will give you feedback :)